About us

121 Language Tuition was born and registered in Ireland where some of our teachers met and worked together for a number of years. We specialise in online Italian classes and courses and online English classes for Italian speakers.  We operate between Ireland and Italy, although our learners come from much further afield.
We are qualified, native teachers with a passion for sharing our
language and culture. We have many years of experience in teaching both Italian and English online and face-to-face to a variety of learners and in different contexts: from secondary schools to unversities, companies, individuals.

We are involved in both teaching and research in the educational field and have published Italian textbooks as well as more academic articles.
We implement a strict system of quality control with an Educational Consultant who helps to review syllabus, pace and creation of learning material.

121 Italian Tuition is part of 121 Language Tuition, 9 languages under one roof.
WE are
  • Qualified
  • Experienced
  • Native speakers
  • Competent
  • Flexible

"Met 121 hebben we eindelijk, na vele jaren zoeken, voor ons de juiste lerares Italiaans gevonden & ook de methode en het online lesgeven werkt perfect! We hopen nog lang te mogen leren van haar ;)"  - ("With 121, after many years of searching, we finally found the right Italian teacher for us & also the method and the online teaching works perfectly! We hope to learn from her for a long time to come")  René & Jaime, The Netherlands.

Francesca Magnoni 

Language Tutor & Course Coordinator 

PhD in Applied Linguistics, MA ITALS. Degree in Lingue e Letterature Straniere (English and German).

Teacher of Italian Foreign Language/Second Language since 2005 in international and in Italian universities. Specialised in classroom-based, online and blended learning teaching. Author of several international publications and presentations on teaching online. Passionate about didactics and pedagogy.
Tutor of the online individual & group language courses.

Laura Incalcaterra McLoughlin 

Educational Consultant
Senior Lecturer in Italian Studies at the National University of Ireland, Galway.
Expert in e-learning, online teaching, new methodologies and language technologies.  Author of several publications and presentations at international level on language teaching & learning. Creator together with Valentina Rizzo of the Corso Avanzato Part 1 and 2.

Paolo McLoughlin

Owner & Director of Studies (DOS)
Teacher of English FL/L2, expert in online language teaching. Coordinator of English courses for Italian speakers and responsible for the coordination with 121 Language Tuition for online teaching of Hebrew, French, English, Irish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and German.