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Newsletter 16.
Mar-Apr 2021

Dante and Florence The Easter tradition of the Scoppio del carro in Florence - Announcing our Online Book Club.Read more.

Newsletter 15.
Jan-Feb 2021

Opera and wine: Verdi's Traviata - The legend of the black rooster, symbol of the Chianti wine - Carnival treats: frappe. 
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Image:  https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=63602456

Newsletter 14.
Nov-Dec 2020

Remembering two Italian artists: Franca Valeri and Gigi Proietti. - A recipe for Christmas: i terzetti.

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Newsletter 13.
Sept-Oct 2020

The Battle for Porta Pia: 20th September 1870. - Rome in films, Part 2 - A taste of autumn: le caldarroste.

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Newsletter - June 2020

A look at Cinecittà, the Italian Hollywood. Rome in films - Part 1, from Postwar to the Sixties. The "speaking" statue of Pasquino, in Rome. PALESTRA DI ITALIANO: Practise your Italian

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Newsletter - April 2020

Raphael: 500 years (1483-1520); Renaissance in pink: Italian women painters; Rome's 2773th birthday and other Italian holidays

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Every issue includes articles in both English and Italian as well as language practice activities.

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